Airspeeds! CAS, GS, IAS, KCAS, KIAS, TAS, VA, VFE, VNE, VNO, VR, VS, VSO, VX, VY presents Airspeeds

CAS: Calibrated Airspeed = Indicated airspeed corrected for installation and instrument errors. CAS equals TAS at standard atmospheric conditions (ISA) at MSL Mean Sea Level.

GS: Ground Speed. Speed of the airplane relative to the ground.

IAS: Indicated Airspeed as shown on an airspeed indicator.

KCAS: CAS indicated in Knots.

KIAS IAS indicated in Knots.

TAS: True Airspeed. The speed of the airplane relative to the air.

TAS is CAS corrected for errors due to altitude and temperature.

VA: Maneuvering Speed. Maximum speed at which the airplane is not overstressed at full deflection of control surfaces. Full or abrupt control surface movement is not permissible above this speed.

VFE: Maximum flaps extended speed. This speed must not be exceeded in any operation.

VNO: Maximum structural operating speed. This speed may be exceeded only in smooth air, and with caution.

VR: Rotation speed or takeoff speed.

VREF: Reference Speed

VS: The power-off stall speed with the airplane in its standard configuration.

VSO: The power-off stall speed with the airplane in landing configuration.

VX: Best Angle of climb speed.

VY: Bets rate of climb speed.